for the love of radio

‘Fear of Eggs’

Produce by Tess Lawley

for All The Best, aired on FBi and across the CRN

My love for All The Best has given me some strange experiences – like walking around in the rain with a recorder, and the most awkward conversation i’ve ever had with my mum – but this piece, and the time I faced my fear of eggs, tops them all.

This 4 minutes of audio-only immersion therapy still makes me feel a bit queazy, but I invite you to listen to this silly little piece about facing your fears over breakfast.



my friend Frankie

‘My Friend Frankie’

Produced by Tess Lawley

for All The Best, aired on FBi

There are some simple things in the world and some complex things in the world. Then there are things that feel complex until someone explains them to you and then they’re perfectly simple.

One of those things, I believe, is gender. If you feel like you’re in the right body, it might seem beyond comprehension that some people aren’t. If you feel like that, I suggest you listen to my good mate Frankie talk about it:

Hey Ladies!

An IWD Mixtape

Produced by Tess Lawley, interviewing Steph Hughes

for Girls to the Mic: a community radio celebration of International Women’s Day

Aired on the digital pop-up station, 4EB, RTR FM and across the CRN


Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 11.28.53 PM

Wow, this was an amazing piece to produce. Combine interviewing one of my great muso idols with International Women’s Day and the topics of feminism and music and you’ve got one very happy radio producer!

This piece is an interview-meets-mixtape celebrating women in music and, indeed, the magic of just being a girl in any male dominated scene! It even comes with an accompanying mixtape that you can listen through via 8Tracks (probably not while you listen to the piece though, that’d be a bit of an audio overload!) Steph Hughes is a Melbourne musician who plays with two of my favourite australian bands; Boomgates and Dick Diver, serving up guitar melodies and sweet beats to songs from the joke genre ‘dolewave‘. She’s also a proud feminist and the illustrator of all the Girls to the Mic images (such as my personal favourite, featured below).

Needless to say, this piece was an incredible amount of fun to produce.


Goodbye Summer

Room With a View (Summer Series)

Monday 24th of February 


Hosted and produced by Tess Lawley and Milly Davison

Listen On Demand here


Most people say their farewells to summer on the day when the doona becomes a necessity, or when the mosquitoes stop biting, or maybe when soup is finally appealing again. This year I said goodbye to summer on the day of my final Summer Fill on Triple R, a solid edition of Room With a View co-hosted with Milly Davison.

In this episode we spoke to director Samsara and actor Victoria Mantynen about the revised version of Brecht’s The Exception and the Rule which played at the University of Melbourne, and we speak to Sallie Campbell about the Nightingale Floor project. Some hard work in the early planning stages, along with Milly putting her great taste toward building the playlist, made this one of the easiest shows I’ve had the pleasure of producing and hosting. You can listen On Demand to the whole hour on the Triple R website.

So, farewell summer, farewell RWAV, thanks for all the good fun, the good music and the amazing experience. And thanks to Triple R, in particular Elizabeth McCarthy, for the resources and effort they put into RMIT students time and time again.

The Bravest Thing We Ever Did

All The Best Summer Series

Aired on SYN 90.7 and FBi Radio

Features Executive Producer and Host: Tess Lawley

Supervising Producers: Jess O’Callaghan and Michael Brydon

Individuals stories by a plethora of under 26 producers


In late 2013, the wonderful Jess O’Callaghan and I hatched a plan to produce four full episodes of All The Best, entirely in Melbourne to be played on SYN 90.7’s Summer Series. This meant all contributors had to be under 26 and I was to step up to a features Executive Producer role which involved commissioning, collecting and giving feedback on all pieces aired in the four episodes, hosting and editing together to program and making a few pieces of my own.

This was an incredible learning experience. It taught me my limits, particularly when I started working 30 hours a week in a new job and no longer had endless hours to spend on ATB. And, it strengthened my people and content management skills, reminding me that this sort of facilitation of creative work is what I’m really passionate about.

Alongside the management side, it was an opportunity to be in the studio, on my computer late at night and out on the street with my zoom recorder, collecting stories and producing the program.

So please, have a listen and enjoy the first ever series of episodes made by an All The Best Collective beyond Sydney! Our themes were…

Prime (feat. Voiceworks) – a collaboration with our favourite youth literary mag

Adaptation – stories of humans adapting to climate change

The Most Important Thing – …that you never learnt in school

Bravery – stories of those we admire for their guts*

*Taking on the challenges of these episodes is probably the bravest thing I’ve ever done and luckily it didn’t fail, in fact, it’s led to more ATB content than ever being produced in Melbourne with big plans for 2014!

always more RWAV

Room With a View

Hosted and Produced by Tess Lawley and Elena Szymanski

Monday January 27th

on Triple R

Listen On Demand here


This is the second episode of Room With a View’s summer episodes that I had the chance to host and produce, this time with my RWAV Radiothon partner, Elena Szymanski. Yes, the team was back together for interviews with Royal Botanic Runway and Five In Five and to play a bunch of cool tracks from Beck, Grinderman, Super Wild Horses and Thee Oh Sees.

I have loved doing talks radio over the summer and this episode was no exception.

the sound of silence

Summer Smartarts

Host: Emily Sexton

Silent producer: Tess Lawley

on Triple R

Listen On Demand here and here

Now listen, listen very carefully, you’ll have to if you want to hear me I don’t speak and I don’t get interviewed and I don’t even jump in every now with some sort of witty comment, no, I am the silent producer these these two episodes of Summer Smartarts:

Thursday 26th of December, the ‘let us ease you out of your food coma’ edition, and

Thursday 2nd of January, the ‘we hope you’ve recovered’ edition

Silent producing involves panel operation and choosing music. If you listen very carefully to the recordings, you can hear me smoothly transitioning between tracks and ensuring Emily begins back announcing at the right time and, indeed, back announces the correct tracks. Alternatively, you may here me transitioning not so smoothly between tracks or confusing emily about track/band names. I hope more of the former.

Ladies Night

Fill in for No Pants

Hosted by Tess Lawley

Sunday 26th of Jan

on Triple R

Listen On Demand here


This was the summer of RRR for me! I pushed the buttons for Smart Arts, I hosted and produced a few episodes of Room With A View, I whacked a graveyard in there and then THIS! I got to fill in for Sara Savage (actually I was filling in for her other fill in, but I filled in nonetheless!) for No Pants Radio, hand-picking tracks by female artists for two hours. It was great!

I found after surveying my CD collection that I didn’t have a whole lot of purist lady tunes, which led me to play on the theme a little bit (and to say a swear on the radio), playing a range of tracks, including a few involving the Melbourne music lady who consistently leaves me in awe, Steph Hughes (see below).

To be truthful, one of the reasons I wanted to go on the radio was the simple excitement of building a playlist that other people might listen to and enjoy, and doing this fill really reminded me of that. It would seem that thinking about the flow of a playlist, the links in sound and spirit of certain tracks, and trying to build a conversation with the listener through music is still a really exciting part of radio for me!

Summer Nights

The Graveyard Shift, Jan 12th 2am – 6am

Hosted by Tess Lawley

on Triple R

Listen On Demand here


I love graveyards. There’s something particularly special about sitting in that little room, talking to yourself, but knowing that you could be talking to someone else, or a lot of someone elses!

I took on this Graveyard shift in the midst of what will probably be my busiest fortnight for 2014. Why? I still don’t really know, but I wrote a blog post to try and explain it. That aside, my busy and weary brain made it through the night just fine! The intense fear of ruining any Triple R broadcast pumps enough adrenalin through my body to keep me awake long after I hope off the microphone. For this particular broadcast, I dedicated myself to playing a variation of songs and to talking a little more, pushing myself beyond the usual quick back and forward announce.

You can check out the Playlist here and listen to the whole show (or just the good bits, up to you!) On Demand here.

In The Summer Time

Room With A View

Hosted by Tess Lawley and Josie Smart

Monday January 6th, 12 pm

Listen On Demand here.


I don’t mind a challenge, particularly in my radio work. This is why I jumped into the summer season of Room With A View by putting my hand up for the first episode, working with only two people (instead of the team of 5 we had during the semester) to produce and host the show.

This episode features interviews with curator Sue Cramer of Heide Museum of Modern Art about her current exhibition ‘Poetry, Dream and the Cosmos’, and with Ee’da, creative director of Sisters For Sisters and local musician. The episode also includes one of my pieces from the ‘Read by Izzy Roberts-Orr’ series of poems and a spontaneous give away thanks to Ee’da.

You can listen via Triple R On Demand.


Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 10.34.48 PMOur episode featured on the homepage!